Emac & Lawton, part of Florabelle Living, are your total home and lighting decor sourcing solutions. Specialists in Lighting, Interior Lights, Ceiling Lights, Table Lamps, Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps and Chandeliers. In conjunction with its Florabelle Living link, Emac & Lawton also offers complete design solutions for any space.



The lighting images on this website are either created from our own photographs or are sourced from our suppliers. Please bear in mind that the appearance of colour can change significantly depending on many factors, including ambient lighting conditions during the photography process, as well as the calibration of your computer monitor. While every effort has been made to ensure that they present an accurate and fair visual representation of the actual product in question, they are intended as a guide only and Florabelle/Emac & Lawton accepts no responsibility for any errors.


Glass Products

Some of our products contain and/or are made with glass components. Please note that most glass components are handmade and therefore small air bubbles, slight defects and colour variations may naturally occur during the glassblowing process.


Metal Products

Metal items are intended to have a rustic appearance that may include spotting and variances in tone and luster.



Many of our pieces are hand crafted and hand finished to provide a unique look. Given their nature, natural imperfections are to be expected and celebrated. Each piece may be different and vary over time with exposure to light and use. Hide tones will vary.


Artificial Trees

Did you know that most of our Artifical Trees are made with REAL tree stems/trunks.  That's right! That is why they are the best & most real looking "unreal" trees in the market place. Only the foliage is artificial! Artificial foliage is expertly crafted onto real, natural tree stems/trunks.

All natural stems have been treated as per AQIS Biosecurity requirements.

Our artifiicial trees are packed tight for ease of distribution. Give some love and care to coax and fluff out the branches. A steamer can be used to correct any folds which may have occurred from the packaging process. 


Artificial Floral

Our artificial flower stems and bouquets have been lovingly hand assembled, complete with hand-crafted petals and foliage. The Stems are machine moulded. The finishing touches are completed by hand to create the authentic look. Some natural variations may occur from product to product.


Outdoor Suitability

Unless specifically stated as "Suitable for Outdoor Use" products are not warranted nor recommended by Emac & Lawton for use outdoors.